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Hi, my name is Lovisa. I’m a digital marketer with a flair for beautiful things. The world is beautiful in many ways. Let me show you what I mean.

Web development.

Creating a website can be a long and difficult process. Knowing where to start and how to keep it going requires knowledge, strategy and creativity. See more.

Brand management.

It is the core and face for each customer’s desire.
Make it count.


Crafting words together is our most common form
of communication. It is the basis for connecting the world. Read more.

Social media.

Getting social means establishing relationships with people who wants to get to know you and open a communication channel with the ones every company should value most – the customer. See more.

Search Engine Optimization and Google Ads.

The survival guide to existing on the internet is provided by Google. The core of every online presence is optimizing the website to exist on search engines. All work on other channels can be rendered useless, if the website is not indexed properly. See more.

Photo by Md Iftekhar Uddin Emon on Pexels.com

Video production.

The still underestimated media format video is the presence and future of every person and company. It’s time to start shooting and understand the simplicity in videography. Watch more.


The visuals of photography can be both moving and simply beautiful.
There are beautiful things all around us, whether you’re in Jokkmokk, Hong Kong or Nigeria. See more.

Let’s talk.

Fill in the form and let me know a little about what you need, and we’ll make magic happen.

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