Hi there, I’m Lovisa Larsson. At a first glance, you might think I look like a regular Swedish woman. Blonde, and… well, that’s pretty much what you can tell from looking at a picture really.

Anyways, I would actually describe myself as very Swedish. With that I mean I’m kind of a quiet person who’s laid back and trying not to be the center of attention.
I’m also very creative and free-thinking in my ways. I have a tendency to always look forward and looking for solutions rather than problems. And when a problem arises I don’t spend too long thinking about it but look for the best way out of it.

Since graduating from Stockholm University in 2013, I’ve been working in digital marketing. I’ve spent my whole adult life in the online world by creating content, analyzing results, setting strategies and working with building brands. This is what I do and I could not think of anything better in life.

The artistic come naturally to me and it’s often hard to explain. Ideas pour in like rain in the monsoon season and my ways of expressing them come in all ways, shapes, and forms. One day it can be in a marketing campaign, the other in the decorations of a cake. A lot of the times it presents itself as makeup on my face or a blog post here on my website.
My specialties, however, is anything and everything marketing wise. And that is what this website is for. You can review my work and contact me if you think there’s anything I can help you with.

Winter 2018 Photo by: Lovisa Larsson

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