19.05.22 – seminar at Grant Thornton

Spend my morning on a seminar at Grant Thornton. Got to listen to the accountant Johan Edman and the very inspiring marketer Gabriel Ghavami from GoMo Group.

The topic was ”data driven expansions” which is such an obvious subject, yet so neglected by many companies.

It feels like it should be common practice to base your decision on what reality looks like and facts. But somehow we, as a people, look past the ways we can make proper decisions to grow. Don’t go solely on the gut, use facts.

19.05.05 – Sad news

A lot has happened since I last wrote something here. The biggest change is probably that I’ve moved and am now in the midst of starting a new job. It’s an exciting time and I’m very happy about learning new things, getting to know new people and seeing different things everyday. This part is not sad at all.

What is sad, is that my former work place, Halmstad 7 Dagar is shutting down in the beginning of June. Even though I stopped working there more than a month ago, I feel very saddened by the fact that they’re closing shop. It was a really fun time, working with the colleagues and doing something totally different from what I’m used to. Also working so closely to my sister, was something I feel very privileged in. We had some really good times and grew very close.

And no matter how long ago it would’ve been that I left, I feel it’d be sad to say that Halmstad 7 Dagar will no longer exist.

So today I’m looking back at some of the articles I’ve written and the issues we’ve produced and I do feel very proud of the work we put it. I feel like no issue was every completely bad, and the variety of content is really good. It was a paper that could appease almost everyone, in one way or another.

If you feel like reading what I’m talking about, check out some of the articles!

19.04.03 – Wouldn’t let bullying bring her down

Last week I interviewed a girl for the paper. She’s this weeks portrait article because she’s 16 years old and have been doing jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts for the past ten years. She’s fully committed to making her sport into a career and will probably fight her first fight later this year.

So I talked to her about what she likes with MMA, why she wants to pursue it as a career, why she thinks there’s so few women in the sport and also what her friends say about her fighting. And it saddened me so much to hear that throughout her life she’s been bullied about it. Bullied so much up to the point that she actually quit for a while, wondering if she should just stop and move on because ”obviously” she wasn’t doing the ”right” thing as a young teenage girl.

Hearing her talk about what other girls tell her and talk about behind her back was so… I can barely find the words. Imagining being bullied for a hobby and an interest is incredibly sad to me. Of course I know that no bullying is logical and all bullying is because someone is not as the norm tells them to be.

So me being sad for her is not because it’s MMA, even though it lies close to my heart personally, but because it hits you really hard when someone tells you about their experience of being bullied.

She furthermore told me that after being down for a long while, depressed about the person she felt she was, she decided to get up and overpower every negative emotion. To beat all the bullies and everyone else who stood in her way. She told me she realized that she wanted to do what she wanted to do, and not fall into a label of what society, or anyone else, thinks she should be. So after quitting jiujitsu, she started MMA. And it was her best decision. Because she saw that she doesn’t need the people in school to be friends with her, she doesn’t need anyone who judges her, because she has all the right people in the MMA gym where they like her for being her and encourage her to develop all her strengths.

I feel like her story is important to tell because she really took charge and (literally) fought her inner demons to come back stronger than ever. And I really hope she’s going to continue moving forward with her life and be our next, big Swedish MMA star.

Porträttartikel om Emma Matsson-Frost som satsar på MMA-karriären trots att hon under lång tid blev mobbad för hennes intresse i sporten.

19.03.30 – Weekend in Brussels

Next week I’m moving to a whole other city so this weekend, I’m taking a break and regaining som strength in Brussels.

First time here and I’m totally amazed. It’s such a beautiful city with many great places to sit down for coffee, beers, snacks and food. Being able to walk literally everywhere is a huge plus in my book and I just feel so happy to have visited this place at this time.

Walking around in +20C and sitting down for a Stella is my perfect weekend. Cheers!

19.03.20 – The Cake General

Tonight I rewatched a movie I bought on iTunes last summer. Tårtgeneralen, or The Cake General as is its English name. It’s made by two of my favorite podcasters, Filip & Fredrik. The movie is about a drunken man who lives a miserable life in Köping, which was named, Sweden’s most boring town back in the mid-80’s. The small town is shaken by the news that they’re considered boring and this drunken, failure of a man decides to do something about it. He will set the Guinness world record for the longest cake there ever was. It’s not any cake, it’s a smörgåstårta which basically is a sandwich in the size of a birthday cake. It’s better than it sounds.

Anyways, this man whom nobody believes in will get a Guinness World Record controller to Köping and put this small town on the national map, again.

I absolutely adore this movie for one simple reason – nobody ever tell these stories. I bet there are amazing people out there who’ve done great things for small communities. We admire so many people who’ve changed the landscape of our world, and I’m all for it. But I also admire the little people who’re working hard on accomplishing something so small, and worthless, as baking a long cake. His story is inspiring, his person is admirable. And this cake is his life work. It’s his biggest accomplishment and I love watching him doing it and getting to take part in his story, and what he brought to the people of this small town – Unity.

By the way, did I mention his cake was 510 meters long?

19.03.19 – Blue Blood

A few days ago, one of my favourite makeup-artists Jeffree Star dropped the sneak peaks of the next Jeffree Star Cosmetics launch. The next collection is called Blue Blood and I’m absolutely gagging at this collection. Blues have been very popular looking back, even minty-blues were very popular at the beginning of the millennium. But now, Ms Jeffree is challenging all the blue-toned secret lovers in exposing themselves. And I’m one of them.

I feel like blue is a lot of people’s favourite colors, yet in makeup it hasn’t been a space for people to express that. And so I’m happy to see this change coming. The timing is so good because soon we’re going to be going swimming, dreaming of the ocean, beaches and all that hotness. So blues are perfect for that.

Blue is also a great colour for most eye colours. Blue eyes with blue shadow will melt together like a dream if you match it up, brown eyes will be beautiful with intense blues.

Even though I don’t have the Blue Blood palette yet, I couldn’t help myself but trying out the intense, deep blue look that I could achieve with what I have, which is the amazing Nyx Cosmetics Ultimate Brights palette.

I know some people will be thinking WTF at this look, but I’m telling you – soon you’ll love it too, when you’ve adjusted to seeing it.

19.03.10 – Leaving Neverland

So I spent four hours of my day watching the documentary about Michael Jackson’s alleged child molesting accusations. I’ve known about the claims from kids, and I remember the second time he was on trial for it. But the early ones, I wasn’t old enough to know was happening. And still, the second ones in 2005 I was still too young to both care and understand. I think older people at the time was a little too young too though, to fully understand.

Watching this documentary after also watching Abducted in Plain Sight a few weeks ago on Netflix, I understand a little bit more about the ‘grooming’ parts of pedophilia. And back in 2005 I don’t even think it was a term back then.

I remember many people around me saying that ”they’re after the money”, when Michael was on trial. And I believed them. I was 15 or so at that time and I didn’t question anything. I just felt bad for Michael, having to deal with this after all the good things he put out into this world.

Watching Leaving Neverland now, and hearing I wasn’t alone in feeling sorry for him. Even Wade says he felt so guilty and bad for what his role model was going through. It’s like hearing a Stockholm Syndrome play out in real-time. It’s emotionally incomprehensible.

I can barely put words together while thinking about this documentary. Living in these kids lives for four hours was emotionally draining for me. I cannot imagine being in their shoes and living this lie for all these years.

And I know, ”innocent until proven guilty” but I cannot sit and listen to these people and not believe every, single word that comes out of their mouth. It’s just to horrible to make up. It’s just too devastating not to believe. Also I’m relating this to all the other people in this world, women all over, being pushed around and suffocated by older men’s, and peoples power to never feel their able to speak up. The fame was choking these kids. The grooming was executed so perfectly by this predator that long after his death, the deal with what was really going on.

No matter what one’s feelings about Michael are, Leaving Neverland is worth the watch. If nothing else, it’s an important film for kids, parents, families and everyone to take part and listen to other people’s stories. Don’t believe everything you see, but don’t shut the door into what could be enlightenment.

19.03.07 – Fössta Tossdan i Mass

Today’s is a very special day. Because today is my, and everyone from Småland, national holiday. Today we celebrate our amazing ignorance to pronouncing the letter R and doing so with shoving marzipan cakes in our mouths, whilst throwing it in everyone’s faces that we will never, ever articulate. Proudly, we stand united on the ”First Thursday in March” (which already has many R’s in it) and eat Marzipan cakes (adding yet another R).

It’s gorgeous, it’s magnificent and most importantly – it’s delicious.

Happy First Thursday in March everyone!

Marsipanbakelse eller Prinsessbakelse för Fössta Tossdan i Mass!

19.02.26 – First Signs of Spring

Yesterday I bought a winter jacket. It was 70 % off, I couldn’t resist and my impulse to buy a jacket I won’t wear for nine months got the best of me. This jacket is my pregnancy. I’ll stuff it in a closet and have to wait the anxious months until I get to pop this baby out and strut around town. Warm, cozy and happy.

Anyways, today I was taking a walk thinking about how I want to use my new, beautiful jacket and happened to stop because my AirPods ran out (problems, I know), and I plugged in my corded-headphones when I looked up and saw my first sign that spring is actually on its way.

These tiny little snowdrops were peaking out from its hiding place and made me forget all about my first-world-weather-problem. It was absolutely beautiful.

It hit me quite hard and I couldn’t figure out why, but I realized it’s been years since I saw ANY weather seasons, and seeing this just brought back a lot of good feelings that I’m so happy to re-experience all the things I’ve forgotten are magnificent to witness.

It’s a beautiful world honey, let’s go out and enjoy it!

19.02.15 – New Mingle Gig

Tomorrow I got a gig to take some photos for the ”mingle page” of the paper. You know that page that has ten pictures of people attending an event? I’m going to take their pictures.

I’m actually quite excited, partly because I like that interaction with people but mostly because it’s the Wolf Fight Promotion first ever MMA night.

Bildresultat för wolf fight promotion

It’s been a long time since I attended an MMA event, and this one is new and fresh and I love to support it.

I was, however, thinking about how I would come about and do this photographing gig and I remembered why I feel I have nothing to worry about – I’ve done it before!


It sounds crazy but I’ve totally forgotten that I used to work for a site when I was a teen, it was my first ever job. I would work in the local clubs in my hometown. Taking photos of my friends when they partied. The name of the site was efterfesten.com, which translates to ”after party”. The theme of the community was said to be a ”meeting place for people between 16 and 25 years of age”. It was a weird site. It didn’t last very long either, a couple of years I think. I mean, sure teens party all the time but if this isn’t a promotion for teen drinking I don’t know what is.

I was 17 or 18 years old at the time when I started working for them. And of course, I remember it being a lot of fun. In my small hometown, I became somewhat of a celebrity! I had a badge on my own page on the site that screamed ”PHOTOGRAPHER”. And I wore a shirt with the site’s logo on it while working. I was an ambassador for this cool website that was all about partying and tan people with spikey hair. This was back in 2007-2008 or something like that, so remember the fashion? Jeez. That was a rough time.

Anyways, this gig was my first ever gig as a paid photographer, which was my dream at the time. Looking back it was a cool first job! Even though I would’ve loved it to be for a different site or a different purpose. Maybe I would’ve chased after my photographer dreams if it was different.

Tomorrow I’ll get back on it though, with a sports event that I’ll probably enjoy very much. It’ll be super fun!

Anyone who feels like watching free MMA fights from this event can go to their Youtube page where they’ll stream everything live!