Brand Management

There are many different ways to create a brand. There are fewer ways to strengthen a brand. For some reason, brands who’ve been around longer seem to have a harder time to develop itself.

Change is scary.

Fading out into oblivion is even scarier. And almost impossible to recover from. Don’t let the past define your future. Regroup and rebrand.


Specify a few words of what the brand should be associated with. If this is a renewal of an older brand, take into account what has been successful with the brand previously. 

Get help from someone to construct a proper logo and graphics for the update. If this is a renewal you probably still should update the logo and the graphics because nobody will believe the changes if they can’t see them.


Make a plan for the new brand and how to manage it. Implementation to; the website, marketing materials and channels, customer service, sales personnel, staff clothing, etc.

Plan on how to release the new brand officially, via; event, a guerrilla campaign, product placement campaign, influencers, TV, video series, etc.
The update will be a time for celebration, make the most of it.


Even if it takes years and years to build the company, some people seem to think re-branding will help the business over night. It won’t. It takes time.

Branding is about building trust, and people don’t trust easy when they’re unsure of what your agenda is.

Fill your stomach with ice, take it easy, focus and keep going.

What I can do to help

BRAND CONCEPT – defining the core and visuals for the brand
LOGO – designing the logo
BRAND STRATEGY – how to expose and manage the brand in the right ways
SUPPORT – you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Just ask, and I’ll help.

Building a brand is pure craftmanship.
You need to be clear.
You need to be focused.
You need to want it.

Let’s talk.

Fill in the form and let me know a little about what you need, and we’ll make magic happen.

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