One of my biggest passions in life is makeup. The natural question for you might be: why? And I don’t blame you. Even though makeup has been around for thousands of years in all cultures around the world, makeup is still not considered a legitimate form of art. I’m a spokesperson for exactly that. I believe makeup is a magnificent art that’s very underrated. There are hundreds, thousands of different eye shapes, face shapes, complexions, colors, and understandings of what looks good. There is also a thousand products out there that differ in quality and researching is one of my favorite things. I love products and what they can do to make my eyes, skin and look amazing.

I do not use makeup to please someone other than myself. I use makeup as an expression for my inner thoughts and feelings. If I can use that power and knowledge that I have for others to feel a little bit better about themselves I’m all for it. No judgments, just feelings put into art.