The image is really the one medium that has the biggest impact on the receiver. The old saying,

”a picture says more than a thousand words”

is really quite accurate. There are so much information in every picture that words cannot describe, and shouldn’t for that matter.

Social media has made a huge difference in how we perceive pictures. Instagram is all about the images and it’s set standards on how we publish ourselves. Everyone that has a smartphone is now considered a photographer, and most are really good at it. But what makes the difference between a good photographer and a good marketer? It’s understanding why the pictures are good and why people will feel they want something in this picture.

Traveling agencies have been showing the same pictures of a clear blue ocean and tilted palm trees for the past 40 years, and they’re still going with it! Why? Because it’s something we don’t have in Europe.

They could’ve chosen a beautiful picture of a sunset because sunsets are amazingly beautiful – BUT, we have sunsets everywhere. It’s not exotic. It’s not exciting.

What I can do to help

CONCEPT – defining the approach and goals with the image identity
SHOOTING – plan and set up the photo shoots and take the photos
EDITING – getting images ready for publication
PUBLISHING – giving your audience the experience

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