Portrait Photography

NiceBeauty Salon in Esbjerg

Back in 2015 I got the task to take portrait photos of the new staff of the beauty salon, NiceBeauty Esbjerg. I had this tiny, little studio with artificial and day-lighting to work with. And in my not-so-humble-opinion, I think they worked out pretty good.

NiceHair ApS is a Danish e-commerce company in the beauty industry. Selling exclusive and high-end products from hair stylists, skin experts, and makeup artists to beauty enthusiasts.

Soft Touch in Kuala Lumpur

During a conference in Kuala Lumpur where every employee from the different offices around the world had gathered, it was decided that this was a great time to take some photos.

The idea to take the pictures and add other staff in the background seemed like a good way to bring some life into the pictures and I got the assignment to arrange, shoot and edit all of the images.

Soft Touch is a global glove manufacturer. Selling all types of gloves to retailers all around the world with the biggest customers in Northern Europe, America, and Africa.

CancerRehabFonden in Stockholm

In 2013 I worked pro-bono for the organization CancerRehabFonden. My role was actually to be the middle hand between them and the outsourced agency that was designing the new brand identity and website.

It was brought to attention that the old pictures they had wouldn’t cut it. So in the darkest month of the year, with one table lamp I had to improvise and get images of the staff ready for publication.

CancerRehabFonden is a nonprofit organization that focuses on offering rehabilitation for cancer survivors. A lot of attention and money is put in cancer research and treatments. Rehabilitation for survivors after treatments are almost non-existant. With the help of generous donators, CRF work with giving the help survivors and their families need to cope with life after dealing with cancer.

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