Soft Touch is a global glove manufacturer. Selling all types of gloves to retailers all around the world with the biggest customers in Northern Europe, America, and Africa.

LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook

With Soft Touch I worked across the three biggest social media channels because all of them had potential. Considering that the company works B2B, LinkedIn was the first and most obvious choice in the marketing to acquire new business. Instagram and Facebook, however, provided the opportunity to show our face to the end user. The goal was to connect the brand with the actual wearer of the gloves. These channels were more of a window looking out and giving the chance of speaking to the company directly. It is because we had this open window that we managed to have valuable collaborations with organizations and have real people participate in the development of new glove models that fit their needs exactly.

The main channel for the LinkedIn marketing was the CEO’s personal page. His network was the main audience for our marketing efforts. But, to protect his privacy I will not publish any of that content and the statistics of it here. What I can do is show a small portion of what we’ve done on the company page on LinkedIn and the Instagram page, so that you can get the feel of what we’ve been up to between 2016-2018.

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