Video Cases

Soft Touch is a global glove manufacturer. Selling all types of gloves to retailers all around the world with the biggest customers in Northern Europe, America, and Africa.

Video projects

We are Soft Touch – a presentation

I managed the project to create the visuals for this informational video. Starting with writing the script and hiring a Voice, then going into creating visuals with the animators. This video can be used as a whole, but the main objective was to cut it up in six pieces so that each piece can be sent to customers for referral of what we can do with them specifically.

Teaser trailer for the new catalog

Ahead of releasing the new catalog for 2018/2019, I decided to make a little trailer. The trailer was to showcase all of the new models and give hints of the new collections that were being launched together with the catalog coming out. Because there were 64 new models that needed their own space, a fast-paced replacement of each glove was the way to go to squeeze them all in.

Clean the waters from plastic waste

The nonprofit organization Ren Kust works to clean the shores of Sweden from waste, specifically plastic waste. Plastic has become one of the biggest environmental problems. So when they reached out to us and asked for help, we agreed. Soft Touch provided Ren Kust with waterproof and water resistant gloves that can protect the member’s hands during clean-up sessions.

Presenting some of our colleagues

The collaboration with Partille Kommun har been on-going for years. People who cannot have a full-time job or do tasks too advanced are in a program called Arbetslivsinriktad Verksamhet. Some of the people participating in this program work at the warehouse in Partille. And they’re doing a wonderful job, so we decided to present our collaboration in a short documentary.

Engineers Without Borders

Students from Linköping University asked for gloves ahead of a water project for Wulugu High School in Ghana. The project included to install a system for clean water and educate locals to maintain the system for continuous use. Therefore the gloves provided from Soft Touch would be used in the installment and left behind for future use by local craftsmen.

New: 3 slim fit models

Before releasing the one-of-a-kind collection called Slimfit I decided to make a presentation video for each of the new models. These gloves are very unique in the sense that they are fitted closely to each hand whilst still holding great protection properties. So the best way to portray and show off the new collection was to make a video with specifications of each glove. And this is the result.

What I can do to help

CONCEPT – create the concept and the story
SHOOTING – plan, set up the shoot and do the leg work
EDITING – getting the video ready for publishing
PUBLISHING – giving your audience the experience

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