Web Development

It is crucial for any business to be known anywhere, at any time. That is why everyone needs a website.

If you’re not online – you don’t exist.

Having a website is like planting a flower.

So the seed in good soil. Water it.
Make sure the environment is good. Water it.
Maintain the flowers health. Water it some more.

Flowers and websites are all about maintenance.
It’s never completely done.

How to create a website

It’s not hard to do it. It does, however, take a lot of work. The key to succeeding without wasting money and time is to have a plan.


Content before design. Knowing the information the website needs before choosing the layout will make everything much easier.

The website is where customers come for information. Make sure it’s there for them to find. Pick out the names of the tabs you need (no more than seven) and pick the headings to go on each tab.

Domain & CMS

Research or get help from a consultant to decide what CMS (Content Management System) you need. There are several systems with different levels difficulty that’ll suit your skill levels.

Buy the domain, either through a domain hotel or from the company behind the CMS you’re looking to use.


This is where the fun (and the tears) begin! Start with looking at the competitors, what do theirs look like?

Do some research and get the feel of what you like and what you don’t like. There are many great-looking sites, but if it’s not an ideal template for your business, don’t use it. Connect the layout of the site with the brand identity.

What I can do to help

CONCEPT – designing the identity and layout of the website
STRATEGY – creating a concrete strategy with steps to follow to build, maintain and expose the website
SEO – writing content for each page to optimize exposure on search engines
SOCIAL MEDIA – creating content, managing and publishing posts.
SUPPORT – you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Just ask, and I’ll help.

Web Development Cases

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Brand and website update

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