The Swedish company Matpriskollen provides an app that keeps track of every current campaign in your local grocery store.

They also make sure that brands that buy advertisements in said stores make sure they see how they’re portrayed.

The B2B business for Matpriskollen was about providing a service where each brand could follow up their own ad campaigns in different stores’ flyers for the upcoming offers every week.

The website is closed off to the public because the information contains very sensitive numbers.
So I cannot publish any of the work inside of the web tool. But the Home page before logging in is also a design made by me. The strategy behind it was a two-in-one-solution; one being clients could log in and two, sales people could use the site to show potential clients what the site is. By simply visiting the link and scroll down to show how the tool can be beneficial for them, step by step.
Afterwards they could get a temporary login to check out the services and have all the information ready at the Home page to show other co-workers who could use the information.

My role was to evolve the existing site that had been made years before, but hadn’t had any real thought or strategy behind it. So the first thing I did was plan the tabs and content and then move on to layout. There was another web company called CityWeb who made everything happen backend and me together with the trust from Matpriskollen were responsible of frontend and keeping the deadlines.

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